Marketing Consultancy

We will advise and help you with a marketing strategy. We will review your existing marketing activities and recommend changes that will improve your market performance.

Direct Marketing

We can help you plan and manage your direct marketing campaigns. Whether it's online ads, email, database marketing, fliers, promotional letters, brochures, classified ads, newspaper , magazine, and targeted television advertising, we've got you covered.

Market Research

We conduct research and  provide you with information that helps you make calculated market decisions. We also provide reports that can help you plan public relations campaigns.

Marketing Communication

We help you plan and develop marketing communication materials such as newsletters, brochures, flyers, product guides., etc. We provide writing, designing and production services along with advice on what types will be most beneficial.

Digital Marketing

Our services will help you use the Internet and Social Media to engage with and acquire new customers. We can also help develop and improve your website's productivity.

Gorilla Marketing

We also provide  low-cost, unconventional ways of marketing  that will take the consumer by surprise and leave a big impression. We can put together a Gorilla Marketing package involving high energy and imagination. Don't let your budget hinder your marketing and advertising initiatives.

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Marketing Strategy

Does your company have a marketing strategy inclusive of multiple marketing channels? We have targeted solutions to help you grow your business by attracting the right customers and converting your leads.

We won't give you a lot of smoke and mirrors when it comes to spending your money on marketing and advertising. If we feel that something won't work, we will flat out tell you instead of taking your money and giving you false hope.

We want to become an extension of your company and provide you with cost effective solutions that produces the results that you seek. We build lasting relationships with our clients because we make it a point to understand the big picture.

Contact us today and let's us explain how we can help you.


Your Success is Our Success

We are totally dedicated to helping your company make money. Let's partner today!!

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